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Two more F-35 ‘Adir’ fighter jets touch down in Israel, bringing the total to 16 |

One Word Why Iran Can’t Buy Russian Flanker Fighter Jets: Sanctions | The National Interest

They have so many excuses. Sometimes they observed UN mandated sanctions sometimes they ignore it depending on whats on the menu of the day.

I dont know why people sees any one of the 3 gangstas (US,Russia,China) saviours. One day they slaughter your neighbour they are the villian, tommorow they come visit bearing gift they are nice people. The Russian pulled the plug during the Arab-Israel war when the heat in the kitchen became unbearable, they slaughtered Muslims in the bloody Chechnya and Dagestan war, they slaughtered Muslims in Afghanistan and on opposition held areas in Syria using white phosphorus ordinance killing civilians indiscriminately but they are still “saviours”?. Dont get me wrong ALL the 3 gangstas cannot be trusted. The Americans atrocities stretches all the way back to the genocide of first nation people to the Phillipines and Vietnam to the Iraq war. The Chinese Communist revolution wiped out millions of Chinese and mass migration of KMT cadres to Taiwan and currently the cultural genocide of the Uyghur Muslims.

You expect me to belief that anyone of them would come to my rescue if my nation is at war? You must be delusional or drunk to belief that. They help only if they can gain something back, like in Syria the Russian have prior warning to standown their forces when Israelis jets bombed weapons depot around Damascus, leaving only the surprised Syrian to defend their airspace. If the Russian much touted S-400 missile system is as lethal as they advertised then it either proves that is pure hype or the former i.e. they have fore knowledge of the attack. That is not speculation Nethanyahu met Putin in Moscow on this matter.

These gangstas have no friends! Only interest.

( There are S-400 missiles in Syria but the control is strictly under Russian forces)

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Never trust the 3 gangstas. In Syria how did the Zionist manage to bomb strategic military targets with impunity? Simple, just get the Russian to cooperate by giving early warning. Why the Russian cooperate? It is not their fight, their objective has been met. All they wanted was a warm water port, they have it at Tartus and a client state Syria who will be indebted to Russia in the forseeable future.

Iran is only in the supporting role, a nuisance at best to the Russian. So if the Zionist wants to destroy Irans weapon stockpile, the Russian have no objection.

In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem’s Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream – Global Research

It Never Was America to Me

Fearful U.S Grants China an Oil Waiver for Iranian Black Gold – Fort Russ

US officials participate in unveiling of settlers’ tunnel in occupied Jerusalem

Just in case you all havent notice, this week there was an uproar in nearly all Muslims capitol and by most Muslim leaders. I heard it from my local TV and got confused and thought that it was an issue with some Hajj arrangement in Saudi Arabia. Because it coincided with the first batch of A380 Airbus departing for the Hajj from my country. But then one of our Minister issued a statement condemning the Zionist regime, double my confusion. So as usual I Googled, Yahooed, Microsofted it but I got no hits. Even from Middle East media there seem to be low keyed coverage under other headings. I finally found the topic covered by some Western fringe media under a topic of “tunnel under al-Aqsa’, which we all already know that the Zionist only found fish bones, sardin cans, and medieval baby diapers.

But this recent uproar was about the Zionist officiating a subterranean tunnel for the Talmudic Jews to perform their ritual and under guise of providing ease of access to them snd religious tourist, so they say. Whether it is a tunnel or free passage way above ground it is a violation of the sancity of al-Aqsa. Now I get it!;Read this article ( the server is a bit slow and always under Zionist attack, be patient while the page load)-

Haaretz reveals secret Israeli department tasked with making Nakba archives disappear

Israeli UN Ambassador says Palestinian surrender and ‘national suicide’ is needed for peace

June 30, 2019

Last week the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations penned an op-ed in the New York Times that was brutally frank yet should not have surprised anyone who’s been paying attention to this issue for the last two decades. The writer, Danny Danon, argued that the Palestinians must “commit national suicide” if there is to be peace. In other words, Israel won’t recognize Palestinian history, claims and aspirations: Israel wants abject surrender.

This is the logical extension of other Palestine-effacing efforts by Israel, such as the Israeli request for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The point is that if they can’t remove Palestinian bodies (yet), then they will try to erase the rationale behind a Palestinian state. Insane zealotry like this rarely ends well, and as long as the United States continues to auction off its responsibility to the Lobby, a criminally unjust situation only gets worse. 

In other news, the Bahrain conference took place, and after all the empty patronizing rhetoric, even an economic peace is an outcome Israel probably wouldn’t want either. And if you happen to wonder where Jeffrey Goldberg has been during the current Iran hysteria, Phil Weiss has some ideas.

Have a great 4th of July,

Scott Roth
Publisher, Mondoweiss

United Arab Emirates Denies Sending American Missiles to Libya – The New York Times

UAE was caught red handed and have to deny or else US senate might vote to ban advanced weapon export to UAE.

Iran Has Ties to Al Qaeda, Trump Officials Tell Skeptical Congress

What? Say that again! Al- Qaeda has ties with Iran? Which hole did he crawl out from?

IRIAF Commander reportedly fired after he kept secret that Israeli F-35 stealth fighters had violated Iran Airspace – The Aviation Geek Club

It is notable that Iran has the S-300 SAM not the S-400 and after Iranian Intelligence investigation Pres. Ali Khameini accused the Russian of colluding with IAF by giving them the Iranian S-300 SAM codes. I wouldnt be surprised if its true. It wouldnt be the first or the last since the Arab-Israel war in 1967. They are a member of “world gangstas” trio. My stand has always not to trust these trio ( US,Russia,China). Every war has always been about their power maneuvering. In a conflict zone if one gangsta support A the other will support B. None of them can claim the moral high ground because the conflict is at the expense of the locals look at Afghanistan, Iraq,Syria, Vietnam, WW2. Need I say more?

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