The Dirty War on Syria:

Washington, Regime Change and Resistance

The true nature of Syrian War was purposely been befuddled to hide its true objective

Government propaganda and NGO misinformation have coloured the story of the war on Syria from its inception. Stepping in to set the record straight, Dr. Tim Anderson explores the real beginnings of the conflict, the players behind it, and their agenda in his important book,The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance.

The Dirty War on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. In seeking ‘regime change’ the big powers sought to hide their hand, using proxy armies of ‘Islamists’, demonising the Syrian Government and constantly accusing it of atrocities. In this way Syrian President Bashar al Assad, a mild-mannered eye doctor, became the new evil in the world.

The popular myths of this dirty war – that it is a ‘civil war’, a ‘popular revolt’ or a sectarian conflict – hide a murderous spree of ‘regime change’ across the region. The attack on Syria was a necessary consequence of Washington’s ambition, stated openly in 2006, to create a ‘New Middle East’. After the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Syria was next in line.


The risk of Internet of Everything

5G Cell Phone Radiation

Why is the world so stupid? Just because US says 5G is good, we just follow them? Even when we dont have the mental capability nor the knowledge to research 5G technology ourself. 5G as in 2G/3G/4G electromagnetic radiation are suspect in foetus, children and adult health issues and cancer abnormalies. But 5G is 50 -100 times more powerful than 3G/4G radiation but nobody cares? Because this modern society knows the power of internet marketing, news ,denials  and false news. They make these serious issue of RF radiation as “, better speed”, “intelligent technology”, “autonomous technology”,etc it sounds good right? But where are the negative news? Could you accept when you know the foetus in your womb might be born with some birth defect by 5G technology, your life is run and manage by machine, your everyday activities is recorded from womb to grave,. That is like letting in a total stranger into your house and letting it record you bathing, on the toilet, in bed and watching you eat, shit and chosing what news to give you what not to give you. Driving you to work and telling you your heart missed a skip and made a dictors appointment fir you based on that, while you yourself feel absolutely fine.If you can accept that , then I say “Welcome  Mr./Ms. Millenials Minions” to the new earth. When we say 5G is a mind control program everybody will say you are bongkeroos. Is it? Then what do you call what I just pointed out letting a stranger into your home?

The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

By Claire Edwards ,Global Research, September 14, 2019

The entities rolling out 5G are tormenting humanity and sucking their humanity from them by taking their minds and their health, while on the other side, you have the zombie apocalypse of all the people with their 4G cell phones, blindly going about destroying the world. 

The 4G zombie apocalypse lot have to wake up.  They need to wake up now before it is too late and time is of the essence. 

Australian Commandos tell of war crimes

Anguished Australian special forces soldiers have confessed to murdering and brutalising detainees in Afghanistan in incidents that colleagues insist cannot be written off as occurring in the “fog of war”. Members of both of Australia’s special forces regiments – the Commandos and the Special Air Service Regiment – have given evidence to the army’s war crimes inquiry about the summary execution of at least four prisoners, in breach of the Geneva conventions.

Hitler’s ‘Stealth’ Fighter: Meet the Ho 229

The National Interest Online: This Grainy Photo Shows Hitler’s ‘Stealth’ Fighter: Meet the Ho 229.

The ingenuity of the Germans impresses their adversaries.

by Sebastien Roblin

Key point: In 1943, Germany made plans for an advanced flying wing, but the design would never get to make a difference in the war.

Northrop Grumman revealed this year it is developing a second flying wing stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, to succeed its B-2 Spirit. However, it was a pair of German brothers in the service of Nazi Germany that developed the first jet-powered flying wing—which has been dubbed, debatably, “Hitler’s stealth fighter.”

But maximizing speed and range, not stealth, was the primary motivation behind the bat-shaped jet plane.

Walter Horten was an ace fighter pilot in the German Luftwaffe, having scored seven kills flying as wingman of the legendary Adolf Galland during the Battle of Britain. His brother Reimar was an airplane designer lacking a formal aeronautical education. In their youth, the pair had designed a series of innovative tail-less manned gliders.

In 1943, Luftwaffe chief Herman Goering laid out the so-called 3×1000 specification for a plane that could fly one thousand kilometers an hour carrying one thousand kilograms of bombs with fuel enough to travel one thousand kilometers and back—while still retaining a third of the fuel supply for use in combat. Such an airplane could strike targets in Britain while outrunning any fighters sent to intercept it.

The National Interest Online: This Grainy Photo Shows Hitler’s ‘Stealth’ Fighter: Meet the Ho 229.

Lying for Israel: Why Nearly Everyone in Washington Does It

It is not often that one hears anything like the truth in today’s Washington, a city where the art of dissimulation has reached new heights among both Democrats and Republicans. Everyone who has not been asleep like Rip Van Winkle for the past twenty years knows that the most powerful foreign lobby operating in the United States is that of the state of Israel. Indeed, by some measures it just might be the most powerful lobby period, given the fact that it has now succeeded in extending its tentacles into state and local levels with its largely successful campaigns to punish criticism or boycotting of Israel while also infiltrating boards of education to require Holocaust education and textbooks that reflect favorably on the Jewish state.

F-35 and F-22 RIP?: Researchers in Austria Have Created a Working Quantum Radar

by Military and Aerospace Electronics

Key point: A real quantum radar could undo decades of work on stealth, upending the superiority of the F-22 and F-35.

KLOSTERNEUBURG, Austria – A new high-definition stealth radar system that could change the nature of warfare has been demonstrated for the first time. Popular Mechanics reports. (Continue reading original article)

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

5 Sept. 2019 — The result, quantum radar is a high definition detection system that provides a much more detailed image of targets while itself remaining difficult to detect. Quantum radars could provide users with enough detail to identify aircraft, missiles, and other aerial targets by specific model.

Researchers at Austria’s Institute of Science and Technology in Klosterneuburg, Austria, used entangled microwaves to create one of the world’s first quantum radar system.

So long social media!

I am just a blogger not a keyboard warrior. anymore that I used to be. I see very much less aggressive Hasbara attack (maybe because I left FB a few years back) or maybe they are using different tactics now.

After 14 years on social media starting on XDA (technical), FB, Twitter, Blogger( tech), 4PDA(Russian tech),Lenovo Forum, GSM Forum, ArchTablet,as moderator and other God knows what else social media sites that was acquired by Google, FB and Twitter juggernaut expansion and some close shop.(FB offered their services to public around 2004). I have decided only to concentrate on my serious WordPress blog. Since I have my personal blog there regarding my family history that I am writing as a record for my children and grandchildren (it dates back to 1400’s).What I am saying is I am hanging up my keyboard and winding down social media activities.

That should put a smile on my wifes face.I actually started doing “social media” since its infancy in the 1980’s at that time there was no Internet but it was called BBS (Buletin Board System) , I did join the Voice of America and BBC BBS listening to their programmes and once in while participated in a audio interviews but most of the time it was via typing messages on my trusty 9600bps modem then the 14,4kbps modem then the 56kbps and then I quit for a few years because of the rat race and climbed up the management ladder successfully at a very young age., was already married with 2 kids at that time age 25. Until the Balkan wars broke out that got me started again using Netscape browser didnt touch the Microsoft IE at all till today on Google Chrome and the madness of Social Media.Everybody is straining their eyes, neck and fingers looking at their 5 inch,6 inch screen knocking into tables, lamp post and chairs just to read and respond to their fav app. Even my 2 year old grandaughter is hooked on a particular YouTube video before she can go to sleep. Enough is enough.

The Zionist behind the “Muslim King” skin, father and son. They appointed themselves as Royals but at best they are only Emirs (appointed head of state) but if ever an al-Saud fits a Kings shoe it was only Al-Malik Faisal ibn Saud who was assassinated by the CIA inside his own palace for causing the oil crisis in the 70’s pressuring US, Israel support and making OPEC more powerful than the US military without firing a single shot at US.

Nearly 15 years of f@@king the Zionist, posting news, commenting on social media about Muslim territory being invaded by Americans, Buddhist, Hindus and just plain greedy capitalist scums. I find that its those fatso Arab greedy “fake royalties” are the main source of troubles for Muslims and also Muslim migrants who created the Islamophobia in their adopted country and the whiteman ignorance about Islam and foreign cultures not withstanding. Instead of seeing more interfaith understanding of each others religion and justice and peace. I see more and more ignorant Westerners parroting the rubbish they collected from questionable pastors who invented verses of the Quran that dont even exist e.g Chapter XX:verse YY “Kill all infidels”. If only these illiterates just picked up and English official translation and search for Chapter XX: Verse YY and will find that it is quoting on another topic alien all together. I have had such encounters.

A criminal robber or rapist who happens to be a “Muslim” robs and then murder his victims who coincidently happens to be a Christian will be reported as Muslims are killing Christians in so and so country. Whereas there are many such murders happening in that country that doesnt involve Christians but their own kind but nobody bat an eyelid.Why because the victims are Muslims themselves and their reply is a reflection of their objective, some even have the audacity to answer , we dont care because those are Muslims! How low can these low life get?

It is not like home where 90% of the food outlet are “Halal”, this place is thousands of miles from home. Improvised or die of starvation

The dumb Muslim
e.g.(true story) My country man traveled to Helsinki with family in tow, his child was complaining he was very hungry. They walk length and breadth of Helsinki to look for “Halal” food. WTF? I was there with my wife and my 5 year old daughter back then (now she is a happily married doctor). We just went to farmers market by the wharf, look around a bit for fruits and bought a 2 inch thick salmon steak the 3 of us can hardly finish it. Tit bits during our walk about was McD potato chips and ice cream. None of them are “halal” label. You are not going to easily (rare) find “halal” shop up north in the Arctic circle except at “musala” only at big cities tucked away in some corner. There is only one musala in the 90’s only in Helsinki on a second floor of a building. Heard that today they have a new modern one. You are in a foreign country with majority are either agnostics,atheist or profess to be Christians and Suomi people some are animist. You take the minimum standard for the situation, i.e they are the “people of the book” that is what the Quran and Hadith mention isnt it?In my case it was my favorite fish – Salmon or Trout no worries about “halal” meat. I have travelled Europe widely for 6 years ,2 x year to Germany,Swiss,Finland,Paris,Italy,Slovenia,Bosnia and I try to avoid trips to US but did find myself in Frisco, Utah and Las Vegas.

Coming back to the Islamophobia issue. Another daughter was studying in Romania for 7 years and we got to talk about my blogging of course the focus is Palestine. But my travelling son and this daughter have the same observation about migrant Palestinians, they dont like them. They say these youth are raunchy rowdy and arrogant and Westernised (of course not 100%) but most of them compared to the Jewish friends in my children circle, they say it is hard to be sympathetic with these “Palestinians” and preferred the Jews.(But No matter a Jew will stab you in the back one day given half the chance). Now coming from 2 of my children on different occasion at different location and time, makes me ponder.
Just remember our prophets advise ” if you want to eat, eat at a Jews home, if you want to sleep, sleep at a Christians house”. Now we have been condemning the Khazar Zionist as professional victims, what about these migrant Arab/Palestinians then? I am sure their parents are rich buggers. While people in Gaza are eating food rations these West Bank Palestinians are partying, getting drunk and making Europeans hate Arab migrants and stoking Islamophobic sentiments.

Just chillin out.

Who invited the Muslims to migrate to Europe?(unless you are a professional European qualified) Nobody! But yourself, right? So why are you complaining when you are faced with xenophobia, discrimination,exploitation? That is not your country.! You should consider yourself as “guess” in an adopted country or you can be a citizen of your adopted country. As a “guess” I mean you will still use a niqab preferably black or you can be a citizen by adapting modern design female attire but still covering your modesty like most Muslim woman in Turkey and Asia. Does it make you or them any less Muslim? Just imagine having your passport photo taken!. I will not even be able to identify my own wife at an airport with a few thousand black niqab figures. I might inadvertably be arrested for kidnapping and molesting somebody elses wife!.

Nobody should force upon anybody how they should dress but be reasonable. You are commanded to cover your physical modesty but it is your personality , your compassion,your love for humanity, what you hid in your heart is what matters. Some cover from head to toe but have an ugly personality. Muslims keep repeating the mantra that the Quran is relevant for all time. The Western woman parade around very nearly naked, we dont want that but times is such that in this era male hypocrites pretend they dont care when a woman walks around with her ass sticking out of her hot pants. Of course we dont want any respectable Muslim lady to do that but try wearing a modern abaya, hijab that covers her modesty but yet exudes a modern living practical lifestyle. You are in another country not your village.

Which civilisation do you want your wife or daughter to belong to?

I had one experience in a Mecca hotel lift, I was in hurry to get down to the lobby to assemble with my group to go for afternoon prayers at Masjidil-Haram so I entered the lift with a mother and 3 children press the button while behind me there was a commotion, at first I ignored it but then I heard “lak,lak,lak”(no,no,no) over and over again. Then it dawn on me that this woman her kids were trying to chase me out of the slow moving lift ( at about the 5th floor). Hah! I thought , no way! We reached the lobby I had a smirk on my face and I joined my group and this mother went to report to the husband who was also nearby but the husbands companion say ” Malaysian” so the husband knows we came from a different culture. He was ready for battle but happy to say that she doesnt look like those black creatures. But nobody have any right to tell another person how to dress up. Except if you are required to as uniformed employee.

But my main reason for withdrawing from social media is the fact that we are deluding ourselves, the Palestinian issues are getting from bad to worse, Syria is at the closing chapter of its war in Idlib but is it? I dont think so. ISIS is decimated but not yet defeated. New crisis center crops up in Kashmir and East Turkistan. Yaman is a live or die situation. The Patani guerilla war in Southern Thailand is boiling over again. But there are some good news. Afghanistan Taliban is negotiating to kick the Americans out and on 9/Sept the Moro autonomous administration in Mindanao the Phillipines got a wider territorial autonomy from the Philipines after nearly 350 years of resistance first to the Spaniards then the Americans and present day Philipines Govt with the Americans nearly wiping out the original inhabitants. All these at the expense of innocent humans?

I see the injustices done to Muslims by the West and I also see the stupidity of the Muslims right down to individual attitude that contributed to this disaster. I even seen a small group of of Muslims reprimanding and chasing another Muslim out of their forum for having difference in opinion. How can we expect a united “ummah”?

Now we have have some ignorant redneck Islamophobes who is screaming that his blog was taken down because he posted about some nun who got murdered by criminals in “Muslim” African country as “Muslims are killing Christian nuns”! I wonder what he has to say about the American “Christians” drone strike on a classroom full of mothers and babies in Afghanistan and the killing of hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis who are just defending their country against a foreign invasion. They are accused as being a facilitator for 9/11 but quickly changed that to WMD hoarding. This is not about Christian vs Muslim. This is about NWO criminals versus target Muslim countries. Name any trouble spot around the world. All are on Muslim territories. Why? Because Muslim territories stretches from EU to China and all of these Muslim countries and God has given the earth underneath their feet wealth. Oil,oil,oil,jade, gemstones, fresh water, abundance of grain, fruits, meat and seafood and minerals. All are necessity for NWO world dominance.

The angelic Western powers that did this and drop atomic bombs on Japan.

So like during the Balkan war, I had a mental breakdown looking at the atrocities and helplessness I felt. I volunteered to go but had to settle for a trade investment on behalf of my Govt a few months after the war. Good enough! We took in a few thousand Bosniacs migrants, sent them to high school award them with Univ scholarship. Let me tell you all a “war refugee” would yearn to go return to their country the minute it is safe. An “economic migrant” they dont want to return. So be careful, when you lump all migrant/ refugees together. This how I see the world from my peephole.

This is the real reason behind the demonisation and destruction through war on Muslims by the same architect of the Balfour Declaration

I will be posting articles only on WordPress and my social media is only Instagram just to monitor my grandaughters anime, but I am not posting.
My last posting on MeWe will be this month end. You can find me on MeWe “Caturday” and my WordPress(I am sure those masked Hasbara will be saying “bye fucker”)

If I close my eyes forever, will remain the same?

Egypt – reliving the Firaun golden era.

17-year-old teenager, Alaa Yasser Farouk, told lawyers that whilst detained she heard officers electrocuting her father and then was threatened with torture if she did not confess to joining the Muslim Brotherhood.
Alaa and her father Yasser Farouk Ali were forcibly disappeared on 3 August for 24 days and held at the National Security Headquarters before Alaa was brought before the prosecution.

Russia’s SU-57 Is a Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighter—but Is It Any Good?

Understandably the Americans being the biggest “arms pusher” to most global “arms addicts” would try to belittle their competitors. But there is also some truth in this question. The Russians are successful altenative arms dealers to the Americans but try asking any nation that had worked on joint arms development work especially fighter jets (e.g. India) and purchasers of “advanced weapons systems” from Russian. They’ll tell you of high downtime, shortage of spare parts, communication problems (manuals are in Cyrilic), the sales are “tagged” with Russian technicians tag alongs. (mostly drunkards). Now the Chinese are getting on this bandwagon (who else? Complementing these 3 gangsters). Dunno whether they will also “tagged” their technicians to support their clients, who so far are limited to Pakistan. Thank God! You think the Chinese are any good? They dont innovate intelligently. They are par exellent in manufacturing cost cutting and 2nd in telecommunications. None can beat their cheating on technical specs of their handphones. An Android Kitkat can be displayed as Oreo, their cameras performance can be made to look better on technical specs but in an independent lab test, their bluff was discovered. Their “stealth fighter jet” technology was stolen from the Americans and married to Russian which in part also obtained clandestinely. Ever wonder why Russia never had an equivalent “B2 stealth bomber”, the Kazan Aviation Plant is currently developing one but that will be many years yet ,whereas the US have it today. And you want to belief that the Chinese are as smart as their Americans and Russian counterparts and suddenly they have technology and wallah you have their most advance J20 fighter jets. But that is all in a game of technology espionage, trying to leap frog each others developments.

It should be noted that this news, unlike many past reports citing anonymous sources within the Russian military-industrial-complex, comes from an on-the-record interview with a major outlet.

Is Russia’s fifth-generation stealth fighter on the verge of deployment readiness? The manufacturer seems to think so.

In a recent interview with one of Russia’s leading state news agencies, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) President Yuri Slyusar announced that the first, serially produced Su-57 units will be transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) by the end of 2019.

China unveils largest ever J-20 stealth fighter formation: video

”To truly achieve peace, defending our homeland is not enough. We must not only defend but attack,” Yang Wei, who designed the J-20 for Chengdu, says in the roughly four-minute video. The promotional also shows images of other PLAAF aircraft as the song “Me and My Motherland” plays on konghous and veterans comment on the country’s achievements, Xinhua noted.

Dyatlov Pass Incident – the creepiest case in Russian history!

The story of the Dyatlov Pass incident is chilling. (Link: Tass News Agency)

Key Facts (Link :

What’s even more haunting is the fact that this mystery remains unsolved to this day. Nine Russian hikers set out on an expedition in the Russian tundra in 1959. The students went missing, and were later found in shocking and confusing conditions. The tent at the camp was ripped open-from the inside. The hikers were found dead in remnants of the clothing they went to sleep in, and the bodies were scattered around the site, some far from the site. Russian investigators opened a case, reported no evidence of foul play, and quickly shut the case. The clothing of the hikers were also found to contain high levels of radiation. The hikers also showed evidence of heavy internal trauma, including fractured skulls and broken ribs. Still, the Dyatlov Pass incident remains a mystery. (Link :


Islamic State Conspiracy: Documents Prove US Arming Islamic State

Commentary by kakistocracy main article by The Sun,UK

The ISIS Coalition

Who doesnt suspect ISIS is an American creature? Only fools and coconuts Islamophobic White Supremacist would still insist that “Islamic” ISIS is out to kill all “infidels” while the majority of Muslim countries are arresting new ISIS recruits and returning combatants. Their belief, practise and objectives are counter to Islam, they are extreme beyond extreme that they have turn 365deg ( not even 360deg) that even being an ordinary Muslim is not good enough! It should only be the ISIS way, they are heretics by annointing an unqualified stranger as Caliph Abu Bakar Baghdadi who most probably isnt even a Muslim bút a Hebrew Zionist like most other ISIS “Emirs” who are Israel military officers with minimum rank of Colonel. Thats ISIS for you!

“ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi has risen from a shy, polite and talented schoolboy to being a mass killer with a $25 million bounty on his head.

The 47-year-old has been seen for the first time in five years in a new video released by ISIS to prove that he is still alive.

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the lastest video released by ISIS
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the lastest video released by ISISCredit: AFP or licensors

The terror chief was born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri the town of Samarra north of Baghdad.

He came from a family of Sunni preachers but growing up was known more for his ability on the football pitch rather than any religious devotion.

The young Baghdadi turned out for his local mosque team and was described “the Messi of our team” in reference to the Argentinian Barcelona star.

According to the Daily Telegraph, those who knew him in those days spoke of a shy, unimpressive and bespectacled figure who gave little hint he would later adopt fanatical Islamist views.

After leaving school he studied at an Islamic university, eventually earning a PhD in sharia law before reportedly becoming a mosque cleric in a rundown area of Baghdad.

Other accounts dispute whether he was in fact a preacher with some saying he merely lived in a room in the mosque.


After graduating he married and after about a year his wife gave birth to a son.

Al-Baghdadi has four sons from one wife and one son with another wife.

One of his five boys, Hudhayfah al-Badri, was killed during an attack by the jihadist against Syrian and Russian troops at a power station in July this year.

Al-Baghdadi became known for his conservative Salafist views which included shouting at men and women he saw dancing in the same room.

He also became influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Counter Extremism Project says.

Some say he was already a militant when the US and its allies invaded Iraq.

But either way he soon went from being an unknown preacher into a hardened Islamist fighting the Americans and fellow Iraqis.

Baghdadi founded the Jamaat Jaysh Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamaah – Army of the People of the Sunna and Communal Solidarity), a militant Sunni

to fight U.S. troops.

Al-Bagdadi’s activities had come to the attention of the Americans and in 2005 he was detained at the US-run Camp Bucca.

After his release he continued his violent activity and became the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq  after Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was killed in a US airstrike.

He he didn’t, however, swear allegiance to the broader al-Qaeda network, by that time led by Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The group were renowned for their brutality, included beheading victims with rusty knives, strapping suicide bombs on the mentally disabled and hiding explosives in corpses to kill funeral-goers.


When civil war broke out in Syria in 2011 he began exploring alliances with jihadis there and in 2013 announced the merger of the ISI and the al-Nursa front.

The new group became known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Baghdadi soon acquired a reputation as a highly organised and ruthless battlefield tactician which made him more attractive than Zawahiri, an Islamic theologian.

 The terror mastermind pictured while in a US prison in Iraq
The terror mastermind pictured while in a US prison in Iraq
 Al-Baghdadi's mugshot after he was arrested in 2005
Al-Baghdadi’s mugshot after he was arrested in 2005Credit: AFP or licensors

ISIS began their terrifying rise in 2014 and soon attracted thousands young foreign jihadists.

They stunned the world with the capture of Mosul, Iraq’s second city in June and eventually controlled an area the size of Britain with 8 million people.

From a pulpit of the Grand Mosque in the city al-Baghdadi announced the founding an Islamic caliphate and awarded himself the title Caliph Ibrahim.

The video of the speech he made in which he wore all black, including a black turban, and had a full black beard was the last time he has been seen before the recent video.

Baghdadi made a few recordings during his time at the helm of the Islamic State, calling for attacks on the West and urging his supporters to keep fighting.

But he was rarely seen and acquired the nicknamed The Ghost and the Invisible Sheikh – reportedly even wearing a mask while speaking to his followers.

He has also been accused of repeatedly raping girls and women he kept as “sex slaves”, including a pre-teen Yazidi girl and US aid worker Kayla Mueller, who was subsequently killed.


As the US backed coalition began to turn the tide against ISIS and its once vast swathe of territory shrunk, little was heard from him.

The US Department of Justice raised the reward for his capture of the elusive ISIS leader from $10 million to $25 million.

He was said to have been seriously wounded in an air strike in 2015 and he has dodged several other attempts to kill him.

The ISIS leader was also reportedly killed in an airstrike in Raqqa in 2o17.

In October last year, it was claimed he had been killed in a Russian airstrike on a Syrian village.

Al-Baghdadi remains a top target for the Central Intelligence Agency and US military’s elite Joint Special Operations Command, which includes Navy’s SEAL Team 6.

( Yeah! Sure . Just like Osama Ben Laden, he couldnt be located while he is still useful for ZioAmericans propaganda. Then conveniently “killed off”.)

In February, 2019, it was reported that Al-Baghdadi was hiding out in deserts in eastern Syria after successfully fleeing an attempted coup from militants to seize control of ISIS.” – The SUN

He surely knows how to stir up anti Islamic hatred in the ignorant West and drum up enthusiasm for his fighters by selectively mentioning “people of the cross”, “barbarity” in his video but we seldom hear ISIS attacking the US coalition or the US bombarding the crap out of ISIS troops only clashes between the Syrian coalition and ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Free Syran Army bombarding among themselves. But everybody wants a piece of the Kurdish YPG their other common enemy. But I wonder who could have protected him from a coup rebellion within ISIS ranks. Surely he and only a handful of his loyal bodyguards and commanders as protection details around him. The answer nobody is privy of is why the coup? Everybody can only speculate unless they had interviewed him personally.

All his talk of hating and wanting to destroy the “People of Cross” he never even once mentioned attacking his next door door neighbour the Zionist. He is coexisting and very likely received treatment from the Israelis , during his injuries after an attack on his base.

I would like to call him Abu Bakar Al-Yahudi (Abu Bakar the Jew) since most of his lieutenants are found to be Israeli military Intelligence officers (e.g. Abu Safs in Libya). Have anybody noticed he looks different from his first photo in an American mug shot the very first time he was imprisoned by the Americans in Iraq?

Israel Whimpers at the First Kornet Fired by Hezbollah (?)

As much as I would like to see Hezbollah hammer the crap out of Israel, I wouldnt be so boastful to this incident. Understandably this author is proud of Hezbollah knocking out an Israel “Wolf” APV but one APV knocked out doesnt win a war.

Khazar fake Jews

Fake Jews
Did they omit this verse in the Bible?
The Turkic Jewish Khazar

The heartless Saudi cryptoZionist cruelty

The heart wrenching story of baby Kayan Hossam, whose mother is a prisoner of conscience in Saudi Arabia.


The Story of Kayan al-Juhany
This week Kayan al-Juhany will be two years old. We see posts of adults who spent a few months in prison and the world goes crazy. What about a two year old baby who spent her entire little life in prison!
Kayan’s only world is the four walls she was born within. Her only family is the detainees she sees and saw everyday. The only life she knows is prison life. The only sounds she hears is prison sounds. The only food she knows is prison food. Words cannot express feelings.
Kayan was imprisoned before she even got to see the world. Her mum was arrested when she was just five months pregnant. When the time came for her mum to give birth to her, soldiers took her mum (Fatima AlBaloshi) to a military hospital to give birth.
The moment Kayan was born, they took her away from her mum and returned her mum to the prison. Nobody knows if Kayan stayed at the hospital or not. Her family members out of the prison didn’t know that she was born. After 2 weeks, soldiers returned Kayan to her mum in the prison.
In her two years she experienced more that an adult could. She travels with her mom for all her court hearings. She was moved to two different prions. She saw prison Dhahban, Ha’ir and Aseer. How much more will she endure before she will be released? .
Yumna Desai

English is actually Chinese, scholars claim

Anybody else says that PR China is a trust worthy ally? These trio of gangsters are just that “gangsters” nothing more, nothing less. Only fighting positioning for the best turf. My country fought a 40 year China inspired Communist insurgency. Their cruelty is on par with ISIS. Look at their claims on the whole South China Sea. It is ridiculous!

English is actually Chinese claim Chinese Commies

1-Ton Noodles
What was that? Sure sounded English to me!
You may now travel in China

Asia Times | China unveils an F-35 stealth target drone

List of unmanned aerial vehicles of China

A Major Conventional War Against Iran Is an Impossibility

Crisis within the US Command Structure

Under present conditions, an Iraq style all out Blitzkrieg involving the simultaneous deployment of ground, air and naval  forces is an impossibility. 

For several reasons. US hegemony in the Middle East has been weakened largely as a result of the evolving structure of military alliances.

The US does not have the ability to carry out such a project.

Palestine Brief: 50 years after they burned al-Aqsa

Tweet from WorldOnAlert (@worldonalert)

WorldOnAlert (@worldonalert) Tweeted:
#Idlib: Absolutely horrifying footage is coming from Maarat al-Numan City today. Infants, children, women and men are being slaughtered by Russian airstrikes. Assad & Russia vowed to destroy entire Idlib & kill the population. The world isn’t doing anything to stop this genocide. (